Approved at the CRC AGM on Saturday 29th January 2022.


Caistor Running Club, hereafter called ‘the club’ established in 2011. Club colours, based on the Lincolnshire flag,  consist of a vest with a blue body with green borders, with a narrow red collar and narrow yellow shoulder edges. It incorporates the Lincolnshire flag on the left breast, and the club logo is placed centrally on the rear.

  1. AIMS

To encourage members of the club to take part in all forms of running and related activities, including social, and to provide opportunities for members to do so, with an underlying ethos that members Run for Fun. The club shall operate as a ‘Not for profit’ organisation. The club will seek to comply with all relevant UK legal obligations.


Application for membership may be considered for acceptance from any person aged 18 or over, on completion of the club’s Membership Application Form (available from the club’s website along with full payment of any subscription due. If accepted as members, such persons will be entitled to a vote at any general meeting.

Applications from persons under the age of 18 cannot be accepted, however persons under the age of 18 may take part in club activities as guests subject to the following conditions:

For minors aged 16 or more, provided that express written consent is given before commencement of the activity by the applicant’s parent or guardian.

For minors aged 12 to 16, provided that express written consent is provided, as above, with the additional specifying of an adult club member, by name, who is to personally supervise the child during activities.

The club may confer Life Memberships, through its management committee, to recognise significant personal contributions to the club’s affairs. The club’s management committee may also confer ‘Honorary Memberships’.

The club will maintain an up-to-date list of all members, including Honorary and Life members.

All members will apply for membership of the Caistor Sports & Social Club at the earliest opportunity and maintain that membership throughout their membership of the club.


The club financial year runs from 1st January to 31st December. (Club Year)

Subscriptions for membership shall be imposed as a condition of membership at the discretion of the club, and may be set for monthly, annually or other such terms as decided at a General Meeting.

The subscription rate set shall apply equally to all members, but Honorary and Life members shall not be required to pay.

Where a subscription is levied, any member more than 3 months in arrears shall be automatically suspended from membership until full payment is received by the club.

The club shall maintain a bank or building society account; appoint at least 3 authorised signatories to the account’s cheques and other financial instruments; elect or appoint a responsible member to oversee the club’s financial affairs as Club Treasurer; maintain a timely record of all financial transactions involving the club and render financial statements to be audited within 28 days of the end of the Club Year. The Club Treasurer is authorised by the management committee to carry out transactions using the online banking system associated with the club bank account, and to keep the necessary records.

No cheque or other financial document shall be valid unless it bears two different authorised signatures. The club may seek funds from outside bodies if its reputation is not damaged by doing so.


The club may affiliate to any athletic or sporting organisation, or to any connected to Caistor or its immediate environs. No political or commercial bodies may be affiliated to.


Overall management of the club shall be through General Meetings, at which all members present shall have an equal vote. The day-to-day management of the club shall be through its elected officers and an elected management committee.

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be called within 2 months of the end of the Club Year. The AGM will be responsible for the election of, and the review and confirmation of the following:

  • Election of Club Officers – Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Club Captains (Female & Male).
  • Election of a management committee – To be 6 Club Officers as above, 4 members reps and additional elected members to represent the relevant groups and responsibilities within the club (Maximum 19 persons)
  • Auditors
  • Subscription rates
  • Affiliations
  • Review of any disciplinary appeals, Membership refusal appeals and written complaints.
  • Changes to the club constitution.
  • Receive written reports from the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Written notice of 10 days of the AGM must be given. Notice must include explicit details of any changes to the club constitution. Voting shall be, except for constitutional changes, by simple majority, with the Chair having a casting vote if needed.

For constitutional changes, a majority of two thirds is required.

Proxy votes may be left and counted where an attendee must leave before a vote is taken. At least 12 members must be present.



Meetings will be held at least once every three months.

All meetings will appoint, at their commencement, a person to record the matters discussed, and any decisions taken. This record is to be reviewed at the subsequent meeting before commencement of any additional business, the veracity of the record confirmed, and any matters arising discussed.

In the absence of both the club’s Chair and Vice Chair, those attending will elect from within their number, a person to act as Chair for that meeting

Decisions regarding the general management of the club will be decided by a simple majority of the members present when the vote is taken. Where tied, the Chair or acting Chair will have a casting vote. Decisions regarding disciplinary matters shall be by a two thirds majority in support of any suspension of membership, or a membership cancellation.

At least 6 persons must be present.

It may elect or appoint any member to fulfil any role required for the effective running of the club.


A general meeting may be called by any member. At least 10 days’ notice must be given, including details of matters to be discussed (‘relevant matters’). Any documents directly connected to a relevant matter will be circulated to as many members as it is practical to do so and made available for consultation at the meeting. Only the relevant matter(s) may be discussed. A minimum of 12 members must be present.


Whilst undertaking club activities, members will not cause any unjustified nuisance to fellow members or any third party, nor will they cause damage to any property, nor behave in a manner that is, or is likely to be, in the opinion of the Management Committee, prejudicial to the interests of the club.

When nuisance, damage, or such behaviour is reported during a club activity, a written complaint should be requested by any members receiving a verbal complaint. The recipient of any written complaint must pass full details to the Secretary as soon as is practical. The Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the complaint. The Management Committee will appoint a 3-person subcommittee to review all such complaints. Their decision will be notified by the Secretary in detail, and to the complainant in a timely manner. Where the complainant remains unsatisfied, the matter will be reviewed at the next Management Committee meeting, and the final decision notified by the Chair. All written complaints and their outcomes will be reviewed at the next AGM.

The club may suspend or cancel the membership of any member where nuisance, damage or prejudicial behaviour is proven to the satisfaction of the reviewing members, the decision being communicated in writing, which may include by electronic means.

A disciplined member may appeal by requesting a General Meeting, but the decision of this review will be final. Any suspension or cancellation will remain in effect pending the review.


All members have a duty of care to themselves, other members and third parties.

All members are responsible for their own actions, or failures to act.

All members have a shared and equal liability regarding the activities of the club, and of its finances.

Club activities shall take place as agreed by a majority of members present at the time. Any dissenting members should not take part in that specific activity. The number of activities taking place at any time is not limited.


The above rules may be changed by the Annual General Meeting, or by a General Meeting called specifically for that purpose, provided that two weeks’ notice and full details of Rule Change(s) are given. A majority of two thirds of those present is required. A minimum of 12 members must be present.


At the formal dissolution of the club, any residual funds, after payment of all dues, debts, and liabilities, may be disposed of, at the discretion of the Management Committee, by charitable donation, or by transfer to any not-for-profit sporting organisation.


Any matter on which the above rules are silent may be considered, and a course of action decided, by the Management Committee. All such instances shall be reported to, and reviewed at, the next Annual General Meeting.


Additional Club rules

London Marathon Ballot

Requirements for entry into the club ballot for the CRC London Marathon place:

  • Membership must have been paid no later than 31st January in the year prior to the event.
  • Member must have evidence of an unsuccessful application for the London Marathon. i.e. a rejection letter or email.
  • Member must be a first claim member of CRC at the time of applying to enter the London Marathon.
  • Member must not have won the club place in the previous 5 years.
  • Member must have a UKA competition licence.
  • In the event of the club been offered more than one place, separate male and female ballots would take place.