Training Times

We meet three times a week at Caistor Sports and Social Club – see our contact page for a map.

Each month a training plan is published via email, Facebook and on the Events page of this website. Whilst we plan and advertise the runs in advance we recognise that we must be flexible according to who attends each session and so we tend to form into running groups of differing abilities. We also stop and wait and/or jog back so that groups stay reasonably close together.

Importantly, we guarantee that newcomers will always be made to feel welcome, and will not have to run further or faster than they feel comfortable with. A group of members is responsible for looking after any less experienced newcomers.

Please go here to take a look at our training & events calendar.


Both these sessions cater for all abilities with a relaxed pace of circa 12 minute miles. Distances tend to be between 3 and 6 miles; again, please see our Events page for specific details of each up-coming session. We’ve recently introduced slightly more focussed interval sessions where we run a shorter distance (2 to 3 miles) but include either some inclines or ‘speed’ work where we up the intensity.

Please note that ‘away runs’ (runs not starting at CSSC) start later, usually at 6.30PM.


Of the 3 sessions we hold, this one tends towards the slightly more experienced runner with distances typically around 5 – 8 miles. However, runs are tailored to suit everyone who turns up, and consequently different groups are formed so that everyone feels comfortable with the pace and distance covered.